It’s December again.

1 Dec

Oh cute: did you, precious fictional reader who actually pays attention to this blog, think I’d outgrown it by now?

Hah. Nope. #Sorrynotsorry, I’m still pretentious enough to think acknowledging my own pretentiousness somehow mitigates this characteristic.

For those of you just joining me: every year since 2011 I’ve written one music review of an indie(ish) album that has come out that year for (just about) each day in December.

As a creature of laziness rather than habit, who enjoys overanalyzing the known rather than acknowledging the unknown, this has become my only trusted way of discovering new music, and a reassuringly joyful ritual.

And so I’m continuing the tradition this year, this time in collaboration with my other half, himself briefly a music review podcaster at some point, and essentially a more heterosexual and less misanthropic version of myself.


[90s house party, Grahamstown, 2013]

I’ll post a review on odd-numbered days, and Travis Carlyle over here will take the even-numbers.

Enjoy, losers.


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