Cloud Nothings: Here and Nowhere Else

15 Dec

(Moving swiftly along to music I haven’t heard of which has been recommended to me by friends:)

EnjoY In Music!Cloud NothingsHere and Nowhere Else is like a slightly tighter, more calculated and more poignant version of the music you listened to back in your teens: when skateboarding was your primary mode of transport, everything that ever went wrong in the world could be vehemently (but very abstractly) blamed on “the system”, and truth be told you were still quite torn up about that breakup you went through a year ago (or was that just me?).

I feel a faint enjoyment listening to this album, but I have to admit these songs are formulaic: distorted, catchy guitar intro; sudden jump-in of shouty vocalist; guitars and drums clash and crash for a bit; song fades out to crackling feedback. This band has about the same understanding of dynamics as my mom does when she talks on her cellphone (she still thinks cellphone reception is as bad as it was in the early 2000s, so she shouts). Also this bassist could really use some lessons to diversify his everything.

Scathing genreism aside, there are some tracks on this album that rouse my inner 15-year-old (she’s hiding behind her side-fringe somewhere in the recesses of my psyche)’s tortured little soul, namely “Now Hear In”, “Pattern Walks” and even “I’m Not Part of Me”, the album’s token upbeat track. In fact, I might not even delete this album from my library – not immediately, at least.


For a more articulate critique of this album, listen to this Indiesputable review:

(For the sake of journalistic transparency [and bragging], yes, this podcaster is my boyfriend.)


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