Julian Casablancas + The Voidz: Tyranny

9 Dec

efea4eb7382768a1084c9a9731372f30 (1)Julian Casablancas + The Voidz’ Tyranny sounds a bit like The Strokes’ entire discography dragged backwards through an apocalypse into a hungover, dystopian future.

Built on The Strokes‘ distinct melodic style and bearing the signature of Casablancas’ unique vocals, Tyranny is vaguely reminiscient of The Strokes’ harder, angstier work (think circa First Impressions of Earth). Yet layers of cacophonous percussion, pleasing instrumental discordance, tempestuous lead guitar, and a crap-ton of vocal distortion make this album altogether darker and grungier than anything we have heard coming from Casablancas’ direction in the past.

These tracks are disconcerting for their tendency to lure you in with hypnotic, layered melodies, which twist, turn and snap off suddenly into diversive percussive and instrumental breakdowns.

This is perhaps Casablancas’ most experimental and least accessible work yet, but I’ve really enjoyed it, and can feel my fondness increasing. So far, my favourites are “Crunch Punch”, symmetrically sandwiched between static radio samples, and tranquil “Xerox”.


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