Holiday Murray: Puffadder Sessions EP

9 Dec

“A lot of people see us as a good-time band”, frontman James Tuft addresses the small, sincere audience gathered in The Waiting Room between songs at one of the launch shows for Holiday Murray‘s Puffadder Sessions back in April. “We’re trying to break past that, and write songs about what’s really going on around us. We’re not saying we have answers, but these things are here…”

Puffadder Sessions

Indeed, this Cape Town-based band who became known singing about the joys of staying in bed has taken on more sobering subject matter with Puffadder Sessions, as is apparent from its first verse:

It’s nearly twenty years since we’ve been freed
Where have we come?
What have we learned?

In this EP, Holiday Murray have escelated their intoxicating melodies from eerie to unnerving as their lyrics alight on themes of corruption, inequality, and willful ignorance.

Given the quality of their self-titled debut album, it feels ill-fitting to say this band has matured. Yet Puffadder Sessions is more complex and adventurous than Holiday Murray: they have ventured into progressive and drawn-out instrumental pieces, brought their distinctive vocal harmonies closer to the surface and have broadened their already-wide range of instrumental textures.

Holiday Murray are delving deeper into the earth of whose presence their music reminds us.


Listen to Puffadder Sessions online for free, or download it for a small fee, if you can. (If you’re broke and have to buy one song at a time, get “Robinsong” first.)



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