Rocking the Daisies, or ripping them off?

27 Jun

I can’t help but feel that Rocking the Daisies‘ mysterious, erotic “we’ll release the rest of our lineup once the tickets have sold out!” dance is little more than a bad cover-up for not having their act together.

Photograph by Niamh Walsh-Vorster, who loves Rocking the Daisies and does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this blog post.

Photograph by Niamh Walsh-Vorster, who loves Rocking the Daisies and does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this blog post.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never been to Rocking the Daisies. Every year in May, excited ticket statuses flutter around my Facebook newsfeed, escalating to a deafening desperate drumroll by September. And I won’t even talk about mid-October (post-festival). And then there are the #throwback selfies November through April. Actually, I’m beginning to think Rocking the Daisies will never leave my newsfeed alone.

TLDR: errybody loves them some ‘Daisies.

Yet despite all the Facebook love (or, maybe, broke hipsters flagrantly convincing themselves that ALL OF THAT MONEY was worth it…), I struggle to believe Rocking the Daisies can really be all that wonderful if its organizers are okay with this level of tardiness.

By “this level of tardiness”, I mean the fact that they expect people to just glibly fork out nearly a grand for tickets when they haven’t properly released their lineup yet.

Five days before pre-registration tickets went on sale (and one-day before pre-registration closed), the festival announced… two headliners. And despite RTD’s chipper claims that:

none of my friends seemed to have heard of these bands, or be all that excited about seeing them.

After tickets were “75% sold out”, RTD whipped out a presumably more popular band, as the usual ticket scramble finally ensued when they announced:

“and many more”, though? Tell me, Rocking the Daisies organizers, are you only going to announce the rest of your “hottest lineup in town” by the time your tickets are sold out and that announcement is useless?

Honestly, this festival is beginning to remind me rather a lot of this boy I really liked when I was fourteen. He was a bit full of himself, yeah, but he had thousands of Facebook friends and all of his photographs were downright gorgeous and taken by professional party photographers. Everybody loved him, and gosh, if I could just get my picture taken with him and put it on the internet…. mmh.

As time progressed, though, I realized that no matter how much I idolized this guy, it was like he didn’t actually want me around. He only ever called me at the last minute, when there was no way I could hustle a lift and I’d already given up on him and spent that weekend’s pocket money. Eventually I resolved to spend time with someone who valued the effort I put into my relationship with them, and so I gave up on him and haven’t heard from him since.

Actually, the only dissimilarity between this guy and Rocking the Daisies is that giving up on some guy you liked when you were fourteen will NEVER IN ANY WAY be the same as missing one of your favorite international bands.

So I’ll keep my self-righteous distance from RTD for now, and pray they don’t suddenly announce a headliner I actually want to see.


One Response to “Rocking the Daisies, or ripping them off?”

  1. Baghead Kelly 23 July 2014 at 1:22 PM #

    The names of these festivals just become a forgotten blur as you get older. In the end its just a roll of the dice whether you were part of the contemporary ‘Woodstock’ or the generic no-name version.

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