Total Life Forever: My favourite of Foals

1 Mar

Total Life ForeverAfter the dextrous, impressive beginning that was Antidotes, Foals‘ sound in Total Life Forever is not so much matured as it is more sombre and lyrically accessible: deeper-delving; further-reaching.

If you enjoyed Bon Iver before his fan base was seized by 2011’s first-years fresh from Parisian gap years and clad head to toe in The Lot garb (virtuously, back when it still gave off a faint musk of good taste), you’ll enjoy the cathartic rawness of tracks like “Blue Blood”.

This is also the album that houses the insurmountable Foals Flagship, “Spanish Sahara” – although I must say I found “After Glow” similarly surpassing of the General Bullshit of Existence, with lyrics like

Get up
Go and find everyone you care for
They won’t be there to see tomorrow
Get up
Don’t forget everything you cared for

It won’t be nothing more tomorrow.

I also loved the comforting, lachrymose happiness of “This Orient”.

Really, I  think I’ve found my favorite Foals album.


The gut-wrenching video for an equally poignant song.


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