Throwback Review: Foals’ Antidotes

26 Feb

(Why yes, this is a sample of my excitement for Ramfest next weekend.)


It’s always an interesting experience going back and listening to the very first album of a band you recently discovered listening to their latest. Sometimes it’s like finding pictures of your significant other back when they wore braces and whatever the heck their mom picked out for them at Woolworths.

You know, something like this.

You know, something like this, for instance.

Sometimes, though, it’s like: Wow. They were always this good. 

FoalsAntidotes is different, yes: less hip electronica, more British punk and a lot more “how the hell do they feed those two together and get it to sound so nuanced and intelligent?” Yet although its elements are (only mildly) more rudimentary and contrasting, it’s of a similar brilliance to Holy Fire: however potentially chaotic, it’s well-balanced and it’s tight as your university residence’s fist.  

AntidotesIn “The French Open” – picturesquely the first track of their first album – I feel I have found the perfect encapsulation of the band. Its ambient, bare brass opening twisting sharply into bass-heavy polyrhythmic dance beat, eventually topped with shouty (however not overloud) vocals perfectly represent the glory of Foals: the unbelievable simultaneity of the intricate and the wild; the refined and the raw that makes me yearn for a world in which such combinations were more commonplace.


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