Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Mosquito

30 Dec

MosquitoIn all honesty, the last Yeah Yeah Yeahs album I listened to was their 2003 debut Fever to Tell. By comparison, Mosquito shows how far the band has come since their early days, whilst stoically maintaining the outlandish musical personality that drew us to them in the first place.

Whilst Karen O’s voice still blares across in classic loudhaler fashion (particularly in tracks like “Mosquito” and “These Paths”), we hear a much more human rawness throughout the album, particularly in “Sacrilege” and “Wedding Song”. Strident industrial sound effects (like the wailing siren of “Area 52”) still pay their visits now and again, yet have become more incorporated into the music: less jarring now, and more surging; more effective.

This is an all-round solid album, but my far-and-away favorite track is “Subway”: a whispery melody of forlorn confusion echoed back over a repetition of clackety-clack train tracks – a cliché here rendered sincere and haunting by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ bizarre storytelling edge.


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