Sigur Rós: Kveikur

27 Dec

In Kveikur, Sigur Rós paint harsh, unforgiving landscapes with their instrumental and vocal layering, marrying these in their lyrics to the grating emotional pathways of human relationships. And yet the result is so beautiful. The mournful trumpet song that concludes “Hrafntinna” and murmurs its way into “Brennisteinn” reminds one of the intense, fragile beauty that can only be accessed from such a place of rawness.

My favorite tracks so far are “Rafstraumer”, a poignantly celebratory track packed with vocal layering and underlined with string instrumental; and “Var”, a slow, elegant all-instrumental piece in piano and strings.

Something really amazing the band has done with this album is their Stormur project, which creates an interactive, ever-changing music video for their song “Stormur”. The video is constantly recreated through compiling the most recent footage under the #Stormur tag on Instagram. Watch one here. 


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