Reasons I love Rebecca Black

26 Dec

Remember that time in 2011 when “Friday” became an inescapable meme, and everyone was railing on Rebecca Black (and I wrote about how ridiculous this was, for a number of reasons)?

As many rolled eyes as I’m going to gross for saying this, I’ve always admired Rebecca Black for the way she responded. I don’t know how I would’ve handled becoming famous for annoying everybody on the internet at the age of thirteen, but probably not as humorously as she did.  I’m still impressed by the genuine understanding of satire she displayed at the tender age of thirteen in her videos with Funny or Die.

So, naturally, I was over the moon when I saw “Saturday” – simultaneously a sequel and a parody of “Friday” (which takes a friendly jab at Miley Cyrus, and is possibly even a dig at the American party rock anthem itself).

Maybe I’m just glad that the rage people several years older were willing to direct at a 13-year-old who did nothing but make a silly video has come back to bite them in the bum; maybe I love it when famous people derive an entire act from making fun of themselves; maybe I love her style of humour; but I think Rebecca Black is great. Do with that information what you want to.


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