MS MR: Secondhand Rapture

23 Dec

Secondhand RaptureWhilst many of their melodies (viz. “Hurricane”) are almost insufferably poppy , MS MR‘s debut album, Secondhand Rapture, is well worth listening to.

Lizzy Plapinger’s voice is emotive and raw: young, sweet and whispery, dripping dark, haunted lyrics.

What I love most about this band is their videos, which use fresh, fascinating combinations of retro imagery to turn their songs into powerful visual metaphors.

MS MR’s video for “Think of You” transforms a bitter post-love song into an attack on the mind-control of popular culture (at least, I read it that way).

My favorite piece of MS MR’s by far, however, is “Fantasy”: a beautiful piece of music coupled with a phenomenally inventive collection of images drawing attention to the way we torture ourselves with fantastical ideals we will never live up to.


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