Eels: Not so Wonderful, not so Glorious.

16 Dec

| A review of Eels album Wonderful, Glorious

Another first experience of a band I’d had high hopes for after hearing various indie friends prattling on about them; another disdainful disappointment.

Eels’ guitar sound very frequently resembles a fly trapped in a broken radio (distorted and annoying); the drumming is so basic I suspect I could keep up with most of it (and, to clarify, I’m a guitarist) and the vocals, well… I mean, I feel like if you have a Nickelback voice, that’s ok, but you need to realize what you have and work with it: if your voice doesn’t have any emotion in it, you need to combine it with lyrics fresh and biting enough to belie this – not pockmarked with predictable clichés.

There are some slow songs that are generic and bluesy and ok, but they don’t really redeem the annoyance inflicted by faster songs like Bombs Away and Kinda Fuzzy (golly, you can tell from the track names, can’t you?). 

I mean, I just feel like you’d enjoy this band if you were 14 and wanted to listen to something that sounds like Nickelback (or whatever it is kids listen to these days) but has a more obscure name, so when you talk about your music taste you can impress people with bands they’ve never heard of.

So yeah, great album! I’m just about six years too old for it, I think.


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