Editors: The Weight of your Love

14 Dec

So I’m just going to be honest about the fact that this is my first time listening to Editors. I put them on my list because I’ve heard their name mentioned in favorable circles and thought, like finally reading an oft-referenced classic, I should give them a go.

I mean, I feel like I should’ve known just looking at this album cover…

After listening to The Weight: the first track on this album – complete with indie-rock orchestral intro and Radioheadesque melodic constructions (however lacking their subtlety) – I was moderately disappointed with the rest of it. (Only moderately disappointed, mind, because The Weight isn’t that great in the first place.)

For a British Band, Editors’ sound surprised me – namely the American-Rock crassness of Tom Smith’s vocals that dampens any kind of sensitivity like that white foam stuff that comes out of fire extinguishers.

Speaking from experience, there are worse things to be subjected to on a long car journey with a stranger, but if The Weight of Your Love were combined with car claustrophobia, I’d probably still have a headache by track 6.


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