Cold War Kids: Tuxedos EP

12 Dec

I feel like the release of this EP speaks to the fact that music is something living and breathing, and that a single version of a song within the limiting context of one collection of music (an album) is nowhere near the end of its meaning and circle of relevance.

In All the Rowboats (off her 2012 album, What We saw from the Cheap Seats), Regina Spektor laments the fossilization of art in its museumisation, and with this the ossification of music that the industry demands in the form of the recorded track, never to be revisited or released again because it can no longer be “new”; something to sell which the consumer has not bought at an earlier stage.

“They keep hanging in the gold frames
for forever, forever and a day
All the rowboats in the oil paintings
They keep trying to row away.”

Tuxedos is not a rough-cut underground band’s Being Too Broke To Record An Album, but an established band’s revelation of the sounds they have been playing with. The six-song EP features only two new songs by Cold War Kids, alongside a re-release of the “Tuxedos” track from Dear Miss Lonelyhearts; a barer, more intimate version of “Bottled Affection” from the same album, and covers of Antony and the Johnsons“Aeon” and The Band‘s “You Don’t Come Through”.

Whilst carrying strong elements of Cold War Kids’ newer, more polished sound, Tuxedos is a poetic and poignant fix for those still pining for the bare-boned rawness of their past.


(My favourite track off the album, and a beautifully-shot video, I thought.)



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