The Civil Wars: The Civil Wars

11 Dec

I mean, I feel like if you listen to music because it sounds quite nice (but for honestly no other reason) then you could listen to this.

The guitar is countryish (and vaguely folky), the vocalists are good, the dynamics are adequate, and the lyrics are generic at best… so, basically everything about this band smacks of talented people who have decided to settle for churning out money, with no thought whatsoever to claiming new ground or provoking deep thought. No wonder they win so many Grammys.

Listen to this album if you love Taylor Swift and are looking for some country music to go with those fab new cowboy boots you bought at JayJays (if so, what are you doing on my blog? JUST A LITTLE CURIOUS). Otherwise, don’t go near The Civil Wars. The only thing indie about them is the fact that Wikipedia lists one of their genres as “indie-folk” (this is why my lecturers warned me about WIkipedia…).

I put this album on my reviews list because my beautiful design student friend with mermaid hair recommended them to me, and it turns out I don’t like them as much as she does, but hey, you live and you learn. Sometimes you find a vintage powder-blue shift dress or a pair of high-waisted mustard-yellow retro pants at a thrift sale, and sometimes you walk away empty-handed and smelling of mothballs.


Postscript: I feel like if you’re going to name your band after something that has caused trauma and/or death, like atom bombs or the British Navy or the Cold War, then your lyrics should at least have some political content, because if I think about it, comparing a collection of whiny love songs to a civil war might actually be WILDLY OFFENSIVE to some. Also, releasing a self-titled album (which isn’t your first album) is about as audacious as quoting yourself (in actual quotation marks) in your Facebook status. You can get away with it, but only if you’re AMAZING. Which this music is not.

(Just some more reasons to do something better with your forty-three minutes than listen to this album, in case you needed them.)



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