Well, hey.

3 Dec

Hello. Hi. I haven’t written on this blog in a long time, but that’s neither here nor there.

So two years ago I did this thing where every day in December I reviewed an album that had come out that year. The reviews, in retrospect, were pretty darn pretentious, but to this day a lot of my favorite music I discovered through reviewing it that month. And so I’ve decided to do this again, because hey, who doesn’t like a bit of new music, a heads-up about a band they hadn’t heard of, or an acerbic review about some band who (aren’t actually that bad but whose fan base) they really hate?

I’m going to be more honest, though, about which bands I’ve never actually listened to before now (as opposed to pretending to know EVERYTHING about ALL THE MUSIC. Nobody likes a tryhard.), and maybe this year I’ll even be less pretentious. (Maybe.)

I have a list of albums I’d like to write about, but there are gaps in this list, so please feel free to fill them in by letting me know which 2013 albums you would like to see reviewed.

Happy reading/listening/not reading/reading Pitchfork instead/writing snarky commentary!

…and yes, I know it’s already the third day of December. My internet access in Cape Town reads like a Shakespearean tragedy.


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