Switchfoot: Vice Verses.

22 Dec

Whilst Switchfoot‘s Vice Verses is melodically comprised of  rather generic “alternative” rock (I never understood where the “alternative” in Alternative Rock came from, but anyway…), it’s worth listening to for some of its lyrics.

Many bands are highly exalted for lyrics that – however poetically – beat about indistinct emotional brushfires, but Switchfoot’s, although cleverly phrased and containing some great word-plays, drive straight to their points, some of which are expandable and thought-provoking concepts.

In terms of both music and lyrics,  “Selling the News” far exceeds the other eleven songs on this album. Its verse vocals rapped through a megaphone in a lyrics-emphasized, punk style, “Selling the News” is a biting criticism of both News Media and our postmodern, media-based culture in which controversy takes centre-stage for its economic viability. The song’s central conceptual working-point is that  “suspicion is a new religion”: that, in our efforts to evaluate the information we recieve as relative or subjective, we fail to base our lives around, or, alternately, own up to and take responsibility for, concrete beliefs and realities.

Vice Verses, however enjoyably-musically-bland, is worthwhile for its lyrics, offering to-the-point social commentary and criticism as well as  relatable expression of the personal doubts and spiritual queries of its creators.


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