12 Dec

I am writing this post for the sake of the six to ten-odd people who read this blog regularly, and may have noticed that I am now about two reviews behind.

I am also writing this post from my bed. I just got home from a friend’s house and suddenly feel so :/ that there were strawberries on the dinner table and I only had, like, one… Which is a bad sign for anyone not allergic to strawberries, really.

So I’m just going to attempt about three posts tomorrow

if I wake up and the nerve endings behind my eyes have stopped dancing on my imminent grave (I really, really hope this happens).

Incidentally, my friend had nothing to do with my sudden contraction of illness. She obviously prolongued my symptoms quite magnanimously, really. I like her.

Hum hum. My head feels like the inside of a microwave. Lalala


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