“You Me At Six?” “Sorry, no…”

9 Dec

You Me At Six‘s Sinners Never Sleep is almost quite good… almost.

After coming across “The Consequence” (from the 2010 album Hold Me Down) on a friend’s playlist, I decided the 7-year-old British band was definitely worth further looking into, and what better way than by reviewing their latest album?

I soon discovered, though, that You Me At Six is one of those bands that can easily have you fooled into thinking they’re phenomenal if you’ve only heard one of two of their songs. Their sound is tight and polished, their dynamics are well-placed and flow smoothly, and their vocals – although Josh Franceschi’s whiny voice sits on the wrong side of the Music You Listened To When You Were Fourteen barrier – are pleasantly layered and worked-into .

Sinners Never Sleep has some nice moments – mainly the instrumental bits at the beginnings of songs like “No One does It better” before Franceshchi just starts whining away – but it doesn’t take ten minutes to pick up that most of their songs sound just about the same. Perhaps the very layered quality of the instrumental masks the individual melody of each song; perhaps they work with a formula or perhaps they just use too many of the same chords. Whatever the case may be, I found myself becoming very bored very quickly when listening to an album from this band all in one go.

Perplexingly (and somewhat hilariously) the band seems to have no idea of exactly how monotonous their sound is, as exemplified by their remark that “Jaws on the Floor” is a “bright, summery kind of song that I feel you’d listen to in the summer.” Apart from the fact that this song really doesn’t sound very different to the rest of the songs on the album, “Jaws on the Floor” is to Summer as cigarette smoke is to the smell of Jasmine in the air.

Although listening to the entire album in one go proved to be tiresome, one or two of You Me At Six’s songs could be slotted into a playlist of thrashy skateboarding music to quite a pleasant effect. Be this as it may, I think the band needs to be sent to the Quiet Corner to think seriously about what they have done, and be taught that screaming, like shooting somebody, should only be carried out when one has very, very good reason to do so.


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