Music as Poetry

20 Nov

(Yes, this is another post about a cover I’ve done. I will start behaving like a proper musician and upload my own material when the university leaves me alone for a while and gives me some time to record!)

Once a month in Grahamstown, bizarre and colourful characters of all ages gather to recite and listen to poetry together. New Street’s Café D’vine is lighted and occupied for the evening, and in a haze of coffee, cake and people who look like they’ve stepped off the pages of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, we revel in the miracles of language and the images it exudes. This is Reddit’s Poetry Society.

Some of the greatest poetry I’ve encountered has always been music: as I listen for the lyrics, the melodies themselves can be reduced to (or exalted as) literary devices.

So, on the last Friday of September, with tabletop-percussionist and postmodern poet Cait E. Stobie at my elbow, I decided to present Regina Spektor’s Consequence of Sounds as a poem as well as a song

and this is what ensued. Jouir de ❤


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