You can’t be grumpy with a Steri-Stumpie.

1 Sep

To all cursory readers of this blog, I would like to which a Happy Spring!
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere; Happy Autumn!
And if you live in the Equatorial Region (Yes, I know I’m not supposed to start sentences with conjunctions. Go away.), Happy Permanent Absence of Any Distinct Seasonality! That must be fun.

Today, according to facebook ( We’re not off to a good start here, but I think this post went to the dogs when I started one of my sentences with a conjunction), was National Steri-Stumpi Day!
In other words, an excuse to spend R5 on delicious colourful flavoured milk, smile at people and listen to The Brothers Streep over and over again 🙂

If your happy-button has yet to be repeatedly jumped-upon by this delightful conglomeration of hilarious representation of South African pop-culture and rampant postmodernism, check out this video. If it doesn’t brighten your day (or night, depending entirely on which longitudinal hemisphere you live in), you should probably consult your physicist (not your nuclear physicist, mind. You might be a bit big for their examining-table) about taking some time off from whatever it is you do.


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