They don’t want poets.

21 Aug

I haven’t been contributing much to this blog lately because I’ve been submerged in a bit of a mellow daze of “ahhh, it an wait until tomorrow” for about the past four weeks.

I have been going through a major Cold War Kids phase, though.

A distinctive mixture of cynical/spiritual lyrics, blues-rock-soul melodies, rather substantial-yet-simple basslines and innovative drumbeats, this Californian band courses with the simultaneously clean-and-clear and raw-and-wild vocals of Nathan Willett, and I can hardly bring myself to listen to anything else on my way to lectures these days.

The song that won’t get out of my head at the moment is Welcome to the Occupation: an outcry against our Sisyphan, careerist society and its corrosion of true intelligence and individuality.

My residence had a bit of a talent show this evening, and of course I couldn’t help but spend an hour or two with my guitar and Willett’s blaring vocals in the days leading up to it, craftily avoiding finishing my English essay before mental fatigue began to create a magnetic field between my head and the library desk.

Note the guitar in lieu of drum-kit, the Katharine in lieu of mic stand, and the faint, tinny chords in lieu of guitar amplification. Jouir de.



2 Responses to “They don’t want poets.”

  1. Thomas James Mathew 21 August 2011 at 5:13 PM #

    Hey, you got Facebook Connect (and twitter, apparently) on here! +10 (at this rate i’m going to have an economic crisis with my points currency, but you’re clearly having a winning day, what can I do?)

    Nicely done. Very nice. I’m going to go and listen to Cold War Kids now until you can provide us loyal fans on teh interwebs with a better-quality recording of that 😛

    • Michelle Avenant 21 August 2011 at 6:03 PM #

      recording of what, the cover?
      Don’t know if I’d go to the trouble for a cover… more of an originals person… at least until I get distinctive enough for my covers to be as amazing as CWK’s cover or Electioneering by Radiohead! #checkthisout

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