(I don’t wanna) Grow Up.

9 Aug

“So, what d0 you plan on doing when you’re older?”

Has anyone ever realised that asking someone that question is a bit like saying “Hey, d’you have any plans for the 23rd of April 2016?” and then proceeding to invite them to the gig at the Assembly that night and asking them to mark the date in their diary, when for all you know your music taste will have drastically changed by then, this band that you haven’t even heard of yet might really suck, the Assembly might’ve burnt to the ground, and for the love of The Strokes this person definitely hasn’t bought a diary for 2016 yet, because nobody’s made any of those yet (except perhaps as part of an elaborate prank involving outwitting a good friend into thinking that they have serious amnesia as result of an unrecalled head trauma, and it is now the year 2016).

There was a point in each of our lives when we sat in a classroom filled with keenly-aspiring doctors, teachers, veterinarians, famous artists and firemen – it coincides, however, with the point at which we all coloured water in blue because Crayola doesn’t manufacture transparent crayons.

Just as some bodies of water (the sea, for instance) do appear blue, there are people who will say “I want to be a doctor”, spend eight or more years studying medicine and emerge to become a general practitioner just as they planned to (and enjoy it), but this, to me, is one of life’s strange, however beautiful, phenomena (much like the sea, for instance).

I think our teachers need to accept the fact that most of us cannot accurately predict our careers any more than we can go out and buy every item of clothing we are going to need for the rest of our lives in one go, or else be satisfied with “hopefully continue to respirate without mechanized assistance” in response to the question at the beginning of this post.


And, of course, for those of you just scrolling through this blog for non-text media, listen to this BABE of a song by Cold War Kids:


2 Responses to “(I don’t wanna) Grow Up.”

  1. Thomas 9 August 2011 at 10:45 AM #

    1) Very nice. And I’m an Engineering Student, remember? (nearly as bad as doctors) … I think, or at least this is my experience, that even if you know what field you’re going into (Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Law, whatever) there are STILL so many things to choose from and paths to follow, but teachers and parents (and even ourselves) don’t see it that way, simply because you’re in a degree that has the same name as a job. Unfair, really…

    2) Can’t you get Facebook Connect or Disqus or something on here for posting comments? This thing is a bit of a mission 😛

    3) Nice track 😀

    • Michelle Avenant 9 August 2011 at 12:10 PM #

      1) You’re right – but things like medicine, law and engineering are at least a little bit more clear-cut than if you were studying English and Philosophy, for example D:
      2) I will try. I do not really know how. I am rather useless with internetty things, a lot of the time.
      3) IT IS RIGHT! I love the first few lines the most.

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