In pitch dark, I go walking in your landscape

11 Jul

I was recently asked to put together a few pieces of art for a blog feature on

The theme she was looking into was “show me your sketchbook”: looking behind and beyond the shiny lacquer of the artist’s completed work. There was some amazing stuff on her site before all her posts were mysteriously and tragically deleted, and so, in an attempt to match up I armed myself with an amazing set of Rotering fineliners (courtesy of a great friend)(I say “great” because he also paddled me quite a bit of the way down the Orange river last year, and gave me some of his Skittles when my granola got all wet) and a spectrum of watercolour paints before diving into my moleskine for several successive nights, barricading myself into small rooms with nothing but hours of Radiohead by means of ventilation.

I emerged with these, and all entangled lyrics are from a song called “There, there”. There is an amazing video for it over here; much like the movie for Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things are, it blooms with as much art in interpretation and portrayal as does the work represented does in originality.


I have always loved Radiohead for the strong spirit of individuality and independence threaded through their lyrics.
They write about love between two people, but from a solitary perspective: about the ways in which love twists, tangles and tears at the individual, tripping them as they speak and singing them to shipwreck; about how True Love Waits in haunted attics and would cause one to drown one’s beliefs to have another be in peace: not about lying in bed instead of going running on rainy mornings, eating pancakes and practicing making babies.

To me, Radiohead suggest that the corrosion of the identification of self as an individual entity is the very essence of Love, and I don’t find myself disagreeing with this.


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