Elliott Smith: Between the Bars

13 Jun

For a while now, my best friend has been crazy about Elliott Smith – she’s emailed me a few of his songs, and I’ve always recognized in them a strong and distinctive element of emotional rawness, but for a long time I just didn’t sync with her submergence in Smith.

This was unusual for me, becausej just does not listen to questionable music.  It was j who introduced me to Regina Spektor, Cold War Kids and The Strokes before anyone else seemed to have heard of them, and it’s j who I trust to be magnetized towards obscure artists who convey real and affecting emotion and use the kind of lyrics that are so unique and yet so true that one gets the impression that they’ve scraped off more than the average layers of epidermis to find them there.

She sent me this the other day, and I finally twigged the Elliott Smith thing.

This is for you, Jeanne-Marie ❤


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