Ooh, I love a bit ‘o Cake!

10 Jun

So, I’ve recently come into quite a lot of “new” music (ie. stuff that someone else left on my external hard-drive a really long time ago, that I’ve only just decided to honour their memory by listening to), and I’m just taking it in slowly one file at a time.

One of this cluster of relatively little-known bands that I really dig is Cake  – I’ve got one of their older albums (Fashion Nugget, 1996) and it’s great. Their combination of unusual musical instruments and bizarre lyrics spouting edgy, apt and slightly bitter social commentary  causes them to stick in my head. They’re definitely unique, and that’s hard to come by these days. My absolute fave off this album so far is Frank Sinatra, but Daria was the first to stick in my head.

… so if you’re the type of person who’d like to hear about an ancient radiation that haunts dismembered constellations, I’d definitely give them a listen.

And HEY! They’ve JUST released a new album. Sweet.


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